A Facebook User Has Been Sentenced to 20 Year in prison

Monday, December 22, 2014

21-year-old Masoud Seyyed Talebi was subjected to this unfair sentence after being accused of having anti-regime cyber activism.

He is a student of electrical engineering major at the Azad University of Tehran.

Mohammad Mogheyse, chief of branch 28 of Revolutionary Court in Tehran also accused him of profanity of what is holy on 20 Dec 2014. According to the law, judge cannot personally add a charge to cases of convicted people.

According to internal sources, the intelligence service agents after raiding his home in order to tarnish Masoud Seyyed Talebi' reputation have quoted to his neighbors as saying he has been involved in fraudulence acts.

It has been reported that eight Facebook activists have been sentenced to total terms of 127-year in prison on 13 July 2014.

In this case a woman, aged 42, is the oldest and a boy, aged 21, is youngest, and six of them are held in section of number 350 of Evin Prison.

These Facebook users are from different cities of Iran as Yazd, Shiraz, Abadan, Kerman and Tehran that their cases are more than 11 volumes.

 One of the accused women has been set free on bail based on humanitarian grounds for having two children. And the other convicted woman is imprisoned under harsh conditions especially due to lack of hygiene in her cell in the female ward of Gharchak prison in Varamin.

It has been reported that social network users have always been targeted by the Iranian Cyber Police (FATA) and arrested and after unfair have been trials and sentenced to heavy and biased prison terms, such crackdown comes again people while the official of regime have official account page on social media such as Ali Khameni and Javad Zarif.

by: Kaveh Taheri