A Sunni Prisoner Sayed Qasim Abesteh is in Danger of Kidney Failure

November 25,2014

Qasim was suffered from severe pain of kidney and all doctors in prison clinic said he needs urgent surgery.

His kidney will fail in cause of prison official’s neglect as doctors acknowledged.

Qasim dispatch orders were issued for surgery urgently in 24 Oct 2014, but prison official prevented him to be transferred because he refused to put on the unhygienic and disgraceful official prison clothes.

There are almost 83 Sunni prisoners in Rajaee Shahr prison. Sentence of 7 prisoners are more than 5 years and 36 others were sentenced to harsh sentences.

So far, international community have not paying attention to their terrible situation. Regime of Tehran claims they are related to fundamental and extremist group what named Al-qaeda.

Sunni citizens face many problems, despite their rights declared in the Iran constitution; they have the right of representation in parliament. But they have always been regarded as a second-class citizen.

Sunni religious scholars and activists have been imprisoned and they are always under pressure by Islamic Republic of Iran.

By:Hiwa Molania

Translated: Kaveh Taheri