Adnan Rahmat Panah again Was Sentenced to a Year and Six Months Imprisonment

 Monday, March 16, 2015 2:37:00 PM

Adnan Rahmat Panah, a young Baha’I citizen, again was sentenced to a year and six months imprisonment by Public Court of Shiraz, Iran.

Adnan had been accused of using and distribution of proxy to login the opposition websites of the regime of Iran as his relatives have acknowledged.

He was sentenced to the new sentence while he is kept in Adel Abad prison of Shiraz to serve the final days of his detention according to the reports received by the BCR Group.

He is released on the bail of 100 million Tomans on 11 March 2015 till his new verdict to be notified, furthermore, Adnan has objected to the new judgment and the case has been surveyed by the Appeal Court in Shiraz, Iran.

By: Kaveh Taheri