November 23, 2014

Animal rights violations, just as human rights violations have become a common occurrence in Iran. Murder and persecution of animals growing exponentially day by day, and animal are in an desperate situation.

 The regime of Iran does not endeavor to protect animal rights and wild-life, rather, it imposes rules against animal rights activist to prevent their efforts and to imprison the activists under false accusations such as social or political dissidents.

Some examples of the animal rights violations in Iran include the slaughter of animals in the cities of Iran by municipality's bullet shooting, baited poisoning of their food, euthanizing and recently by gas chambers.

The illegal hunting of wild species and the continuous degradation of the environment and wildlife also continues unabated. Forbidding the ownership of pets by citizens in cities and costly fines or detention of owners, by the regime is also commonplace. We would mention you to the purgation of 173 dogs that were confined in unsanitary and unsafe conditions in 2013. 

The regime does not prevent the holding of circus animals while many countries have banned circuses, such as the expulsion "Khalil Ogham" circus from Italy. (Animal abuse is common in many circuses)

The hunting of rare species of animals that should be protected is neglected by regime of Iran.  The regime curtails or forbids any animal rights activities and will not grant permission to protest against violations of animal rights or themselves.

Animal rights violations not only by the law, but by some gadgets of religion, that say dogs are unclean.  The regime uses sutras to persuade citizens that man is superior to animals and to abuse these inoffensive animals.


The regime also refuses to uphold international conventions of pond such as Ramsar Convention, CITES, of Law of interpolation to the convention on the conservation of wild species that was approved by the parliament of the regime on 10 June 2007.


There are no specific laws to protect animals in Iran and we would mention you to that the "Hunting and Fishing Law approved in June 1967", "Islamic Penal Code Nov 199", "Exploitation and protecting law for aquatics Sep 1995".


Environmental and wild-life species encounter disastrous conditions because of the lack of judicial and executive protections in Iran.  Animals are part of environment that have an effective and prominent role to balance life on earth and animals should have rights as life, humane treatment, peace, social environment in which to flourish and reproduce for future generations.

By: Neda Amin, Animal Rights Activist