Augmentation of the Period of a Christian Pastor Imprisonment

 Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Farshid Fathi has been spending his six years sentence while Salvati judge has added a year into his sentence on 29 Dec 2014.

The Christian pastor, is kept in Rajai Shahr prison, and the new decision was notified in Branch 15 of Revolutionary Court in Tehran.

This augmentation in his sentence is relative to invasion of Ward 350 Evin by Security Guard of prison 25 April 2014, as Iranian Christian activists declared. His leg was broken after the invasion, and he was transferred to Talleghani hospital.

Farshid also wrote a letter on the event with this theme “we forgive them on the event”.

He has been spent his four years sentence since 26 Dec 2010.

It should be added, the persecution of Iranian Christian converts are being continued on Christmas Eve by regime of Iran.

Source: V.O.C.IR

Translated : Kaveh Taheri