Dozens of Ahwazi Were Arrested in Funeral, Iran

 Tuesday, March 24, 2015 10:50:17 AM

Dozens of Ahwazi Arabs were arrested and taken to an unknown location during Younes funeral in Khoramshahr city on 23 March 2015.

The Mourners were detained by Intelligence Service officials of Iran while the corpse had been carried to bury in the cemetery in the southwest region which is reportedly one of the deprived areas in Iran.

After the announcement of the death of Younes, the Ahwaz Arab fruit seller from Khoramshahr city after he immolated himself in front of municipal building in protest against the unfair confiscation of his small grocery stall at the hands of regime thugs, Arab people to express their sympathy and their solidarity with Younes Family took to the streets and by chanting sharp national slogans and reading poems sent fiery message to the regime authorities. Massive people from different rural and urban areas participate in his funeral which took place yesterday.

Younes, a street vendor and father of two children, who had committed self-immolation has died Sunday earlier morning on 22 March 2015.

An Arab citizen, 34, had committed self-immolation due to the confiscation of his grocery kiosk by the mayor officials in front of the municipality office in Khoramshahr city.
Younes Asakereh had been transferred to Taleghani hospital and kept in the special care, whereas, the authorities had tried to prevent any gathering in front of municipality office in Khoramshahr city.
Younes, 92% burns, had been taken by aircraft to one of the hospitals in the capital of Iran at their own cost. He was apparently


The situation in the region

 The region is the mainstay of the Iranian state economy; it is the center of its oil wealth and a factory for its industrial and agricultural products. However 99% of the Ahwazi Arabs are grappling with extreme poverty and deprivation at large scale. “AL-Ahwaz’s Arab identity in the eyes of Iranian is a grievous sin and a grave threat” as an Ahwazi activist has acknowledged.

He also added that the main causes of self-immolation of Younes Asakereh, who died yesterday, are the ongoing repressive policies of Iran occupation carried out against Ahwazi Arab people. The oppressive practices are including political repression, systematic economic marginalization, environmental destruction, cultural assimilation and denial of Arabic.


By: Kaveh Taheri