Hamid Babaei Was Denied for Health Treatment

 Monday, January 12, 2015

Hamid Babaei, 31, a Ph.D. student in financial affairs field, had been summoned and arrested by Intelligence Service when arrived in Tehran on 27 July 2013. 

 He was accused of spying and commutating with hostile states to 6 years imprisonments at the branch 15 of Revolutionary Court which chaired by Salavati on 21 Dec 2013.  Babaei was also denied the right to have his own lawyer.

Hamid Babaei suffers from severe gum and teeth infection. His wife had submitted a health treatment application to the prison clinic of Evin on 28 April 2014. And a copy of that was sent to prosecutor office. After that, Forensics and management office of his ward in Evin had accepted to send him out to hospital due the lack of health facilities in the prison, and his acceptance was declared his family on 17 Nov 2014.

It is worth noting; the persecutor of Tehran had viably notified his health treatment application but in order to send him out to the hospital the missive has not been received.

Translated: Kaveh Taheri