Iran: Seven Ahwazi Arab activists Were Arrested

 Wednesday, June 24, 2015 9:36:18 AM

Seven Sunni Arab activists was arrested by Intelligence Service officials on 20 June 2015. They had been reportedly taken to the Intelligence Service detention of Khoramshahr city.

The activists were accused of relationship with the overseas activists according to the news received by rights groups.

Afterwards, the seven activists Mohammad Modhaji, Ahmad Moramazi, Hadi Marwani, Ahmad Tamimi, Ali Soleymani, Kazem Khalafi and Malek Mashali transferred to the detention in the city of Ahwaz the capital of Khuzestan Province on 23 June 2015.

There is no any information of their situation.

Ahwazna website said that “Since 1925, the people of Ahwaz have been subjected to summary executions, forced displacement, migration, and the confiscation and destruction of homes and personal property. Due to the current sectarian fundamentalist regime in Iran, the Ahwazi Arab people live in constant fear of repression. Despite its ‘revolutionary’ rhetoric, the Iranian mullahs’ regime is continuing the current program of ethnic cleansing that began at the hands of the predecessor Pahlavi regime.”

By: Kaveh Taheri