Iran: Plain Cloths Attacks the Local Government Officials

 Tuesday, June 16, 2015 5:29:27 PM

Plain clothes officers had attacked the local governmental authorities in the road of Jalegh to Sarawan at 23:25 on 13 June 2015.

The raiders threatened the victims through direct gun shooting. The car carrying the victims were shot after the cars punctured by the thorny barrier which had been flattened by the offensives.

The Board Member of the Supreme Council of Provinces Mohammad-Amin Dehwari, the mayor of Mohammadi city Majid Ahlal Zehi, the deputy of Crescent of the Sarawan city Saeed Dehwari, the Premiere of the Sib and Sooran city Rahim Bakhsh Derazehi, the Chief of the Cultural Heritage and craft office Mohammad Sediq Dehwari and some other activists were among the raid.

At least 14 citizens has been reportedly killed because of arbitrary acts since 21 March 2015 according to the reports by Baluch Activists Campaign.

Annually, Dozens of citizens is killed by security forces in the similar incidents. The officials have claimed that the victims were suspected of the fuel smuggling and drug trafficking as Baluch rights activists said to BCR Group.

There are several Terrors daily or weekly in Baluchistan; the cause of most of these terrors is based on tribal challenges. The fundamental reason of the increase in this type of terrors is distributing firearms among these tribes and ordinary people by the Revolutionary Guards.


By: Kaveh Taheri