Iran: The Non-Stop Persecution against Ahwazi Arab Prisoners Intensified by the Regime

 Thursday, May 28, 2015 5:48:42 PM

28 May, Tehran: The officials have transferred the political prisoners to the ward of addicted prisoners (Ward Metadon) to put them under pressure in Karoon prison by Chief of the prison’s direct order.

The five prisoners Nassar Timas (Silawi), Seyed Jaber al-Boshkah, Majid Sawari along with two unknown inmates are in the critical condition while they were thrown to the ward among criminal and addicted defendants according to the rights group reports.

Karoon is one of the prisons in the country that the Human Rights organizations have not concerned as well as the reports received from the prison and many Ahwazi Arab activists are taken there on the false charge such as acting against national security and propaganda against regime.

According to the security situation where Arab citizens located in, “Iranian regime officials in Ahwaz have announced the pending executions of a large number of Ahwazi dissidents currently detained in regime prisons, with 20 facing public execution following what are widely seen as kangaroo trials.”

Hereof, Iran’s security forces had launched massive arrest of Ahwazi Arab fans who dressed up their local Arabic clothes known “Deshdasheh” on 17 March 2015.

The mass arrest had happened during the match between Foulad FC and Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) FC, which estimated more than 1000 fans in Ahwaz city.

Thousands of Arab Ahwazi fans had reportedly carried a popular demonstration out to protest against the illegal mass arrest, ethnic discrimination and comprehensive and systematic oppression by the Iranian regime. The flame of protest embarked on all around the Al-Qadir football stadium at the last moments of the evening on Tuesday.

Three citizens were gunned down, and at least 90 Ahwazi fans wounded aftermath severe brutal clashes by armed anti-riot guards according to Arab activists’ reports.


The situation of Arab Ahwazi Citizens

President Hassan Rouhani had expressed during his presidential campaign that “We don't have second-class citizens. All Iranians are equal.”

Whereas, The people have several reasons to feel like second-class citizens such as deep economic crisis, unemployment, poverty, lack of labor and social welfare, the majority of the area’s rural population ranks with no welfare services and inadequate annual household expenditure levels for each family, lack of drinking water in some villages, lack of transportation facilities and suitable roads, unfavorable weather condition as dust and high temperature and humidity and drought (In 2011, the World Health Organization ranked Ahwaz as the world's most air-polluted city).  

The region is the mainstay of the Iranian state economy; it is the center of its oil wealth, however more than 80% of the Ahwazi Arabs are grappling with extreme poverty and deprivation at large scale. “Arab Ahwazi identity in the eyes of Iranian is a grievous sin and a grave threat” as an Ahwazi activist has acknowledged.

By: Kaveh Taheri