Leveling Trumped-Up Charges against Awhazi Arab Activists

 Tuesday, June 16, 2015 12:44:36 PM

Intelligence service is making fabricated scenario to execute Ahwazi political prisoners.


The officials had taken three Ahwazi Arab activist to the city of Hamidiyeh to crime scene reconstruction of the killing of a Revolutionary Guards officer on 16 June 2015.

The three activists Gheis Obeydavi, 32, Hamood Obeydavi, 28, and Mehdi Moarabi, 25, were detained in April of this year in the arbitrary detention in Hamidiyeh city in Khuzestan Province.

A witness of the event said to the rights group that the victims were probably tortured in brutal torment.

They were arrested along with dozens in the cities of Hamidiyeh, Hoveyzeh, Khafajiyeh and Ahwaz in April, afterwards, some of them released on the bail according to the news received by BCR Group.

Amnesty International and Rights Watch organizations have expressed concerned over the huge arbitrary arrest which estimated 100 in the city of Ahwaz.

Human Rights sources inside Ahwazi reported that the incident of murder of a Revolutionary Guard agent which is dating back to five years ago has resulted in arresting of several Ahwazi activists in  Hamidiya  city that four of these detainees have had sentenced to heavy prison terms which are 20 years in prison, life imprisonment and exile .

As previous years, the regime has deployed Press T.v English speaking Channel which is widely known for its long -standing effort to introduce Ahwazi Arab prisoners as terrorists to execute them.

Mohammad Neysi, 28, who was located in Hamidiyeh city was taken to ward eight of Karoon prison from the Intelligence Service detentions, and Hakim Zabi has been released on the bail from the detention. They were arrested on April 2015 as Abdul-Karim Dahimi reported.


By: Kaveh Taheri