Majid Moghadam Was Sentenced to Six Years Imprisonment

 Monday, March 16, 2015 8:21:20 AM

Majid Moghadam, a civil rights activist, who has been arrested by Revolutionary Guards officials on 3 Dec 2014, sentenced to six years imprisonment by Revolutionary Court of Tehran according to the reports received by the campaign in defence of Civil and Political Prisoners.

Majid as one of the victims and detainees of Kahrizak has been reportedly accused on the charge of propaganda against the regime of Iran, illegally way-out of the borders and lack of Military Service ID.

Officials have allegedly seized the personal belongings as a satellite receiver, flash memory, some books and CDs during the raid at his father house.

It is worth noting that the officials had told the owners of the building that Majid is a drug dealer. They use this trick to make them open the door as his relatives said.

Majid had been previously arrested during the unrest after the presidency election in 2009 by plainclothes officials (Basiji) that as a witness of horrible occurrences in Kahrizak has unfolded the details regarding the cruel repressions by officials and plainclothes against demonstrators through his testimony.

He is kept at 2-Alef ward of Sepah in Evin prison since his detention.

By: Kaveh Taheri