Officials Refuse Corpse’ Delivery of Two Executed Kurdish political Prisoners

 Monday, April 13, 2015 9:39:48 PM

Two Kurdish political prisoners’ corpses are not delivered, while their relatives follow the case up in Judiciary Department. The officials said that the execution was carried out as secretly executed which Amnesty International had issued concern in a statement on 19 Feb 2015.

The reports indicate that the two Kurdish political prisoners Habibullah Afshari and his brother Ali Afshari were executed by gallows in Central Urmia prison after transferring to an unknown location.

After executing two political prisoners, intelligent Service agents have informed their families: "they have been executed and you have to bury them in silence."

“They said that the corpses were buried in an unknown location, when we asked the Intelligence Service officers” Ali Afshari’s wife informed the Campaign to Defend Civil and Political Prisoners in Iran.

Officials had hand over us the personal belongings of our loved ones, and we are informed that the corpses were buried in Tabriz city, the capital of East Azerbaijan Province, their relatives have declared.

Ali along with his brother, Habibullah, had been detained by Revolutionary Guards officials on 2010 in Mahabad and Bookan County, West Azerbaijan Province of Iran.

The Kurdish political prisoners had been sentenced to death on the charge of Moharebeh in Revolutionary Court of Mahabad after all persecution and torture __both physically and psychologically during 75 days in the interrogating rooms, where the goal of inquisition.

By: Kaveh Taheri