Persecution of Authors Is Being Continued, Iran

 Saturday, April 4, 2015 2:52:22 PM

Iran has never been an eminent place to be a writer, although, the conditions is deteriorated significantly crucial while the cabinet tenured by Hassan Rouhani according to the reports.

Ahmad Khalili, an Iranian writer and civil rights activist, who was detained for a while nearly six years before the uprising of the presidential election on 2009. He has been reportedly forced to leave Iran to Turkey because of belief in freedom of speech especially for Baha’Is on 2015.

Ahmad was arrested and sentenced to prison due to his activities on 2003. “I was tortured both physically-psychologically in the republic Islamic chambers for eight years, neither conditional release nor the rights of lawyer” he told BCR Group.

The Iranian writer, who was born in a small city in the south of Iran nearby Bushehr port, had been allegedly experienced imprisonment in the prisons such as Central Bushehr prison, Evin and Rajai Shahr during his verdict and exiled with his family to Malekan County in the northwest of Iran for three years.

He has applied for asylum rights with along his wife and his baby girl in the capital of Turkey, Ankara.

Ahmad has published four books of his writing about some social topics which is suffered by society such as violence, H.I.V disease and addiction.

Ahmad has a complaint the negligence and failure of asylum rights by UNHCR of Ankara which led asylum-seekers to be experienced more pressure.

It is worth noting that refugees are plead the excruciating life in the cities of Turkey as asylum-seekers including long-term processing of asylum cases, accommodation, educational services, lack of attention and care to the situation of ill refugees and no work permission. The asylum seekers often suffer from the humiliating behavior from Turk and Muslim citizens; insults directed at their nationality as Human Rights activists have acknowledged.

By: Kaveh Taheri