Raped, Abused and Accused of Disclosure Raping Teen Volunteer Soldiers, Iran

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Abolfazl Sadeghi, a disabled war veteran, was prosecuted and accused of the disclosure of information regarding the rape teen volunteer soldiers at 101 branch of public court of Iran on 18 Jan 2015.

The Commander of the Revolutionary Guard had raped Abolfazl when he had volunteered and gone to the battlefield during Iran-Iraq war, as he said on his Facebook page.

He was summoned to the court due to disclosure sexual harassment of teenagers in trenches during voluntary military service in Shalamcheh, situated on the border of Iran with Iraq.

He had revealed painful events that had happened to him in the trench when he was only 14 years old.

Neither writing about nor thinking of sexual abuse during war is allowed, he wrote in his book “Buzzards in Shalamcheh”. “The eyes full of tears; 27 years nightmare. There is not part of paradise, rather, the gate of hell. Swindlers improve frequently to get promoted”.

Abolfazl had also mentioned of crimes and felonies of military and intelligence service authorities. He had taken an oath that he will say confusing stories such as abuse of power by Deputy of the Cultural of Intelligence Office of Qom

He had declared that he will symbolically go shrouded to the court.

This is the first time that someone has valiantly unfolded raping teens and youth in military organization of Iran. It is not a rare incident in barracks of army or other military organization of Iran.

Translated: Kaveh Taheri