A Student Was Transferred to Operation Room that Was Beaten by his Teacher

by: Kaveh Taheri

November 24, 2014

A 9 year old Baloch boy was transferred to the operating room, after arriving at a local hospital, after he was severely beaten by his teacher, with a hose from a gas cylinder.  The Baloch student was transferred to operating room to repair the damage caused during the beating. 

 Abdolhamid Gorgij, age 9, was carried to hospital after his teacher lashed his hand with the hose, which ruptured the blood vessels in the child's hand and caused a severe infection.

 His father said, "Zahedan hospitals rejected Abdolhamid admission to the hospital for unacceptable reasons" and he was then taken to another hospital where he was admitted for treatment and surgery.  Mr. Gorgij said he had no desire to sue the teacher who beat his son.  His son is now recovering from his injuries.