The Condition of Rasoul Hardani Is Unknown at This Time

Rasoul HardaniWednesday, January 7, 2015

(B.C.R.Group) - Rasoul Hardani, 30, has started a hunger strike to ask authorities what he is being charged with on 24 Nov 2014. “What is my crime? … Charge me or otherwise release me” Rasoul said.

Rasoul was transferred to solitary confinement by officials of Evin prison in Tehran. There is no information about his condition after passing of more than 40 days of his hunger strike. He reportedly had phoned his family in a shaky voice and just said I am well.

He was arrested along his brother in charge of hijacking and disturbing to flight safety on 2001.  He was finally sentenced to 22 years imprisonment.

Rasoul wrote in the part of his hardship; I was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment after passing excruciating condition months in solitary confinement of Intelligence Service. Judge of 20 branch of Revolutionary Court had sneered and said; you will figure out after losing your teeth and hair in prison when I asked him what is my guilty? I had passed 15 years, the best days of youth in prison. Officials reject my pleading letter in order to asking for health release or freeness.

Translated : Kaveh Taheri