The Judge Calls Beating a Political Prisoner

 Tuesday, May 5, 2015 4:41:32 PM

Ali Moezi, who was asked attending the court which chaired by Judge Asef Hosseini, had been severely beaten at 6:30 on 4 May 2015. He was accused of the charge of acting against national security, propaganda against the regime of Iran and partnership with the opposition groups at branch first court in the city of Karaj while he went to the court.

The officials said that we are asked to take you to the court somehow when Ali had denied attending the court by the prisonís officials as Miss. Purshajari has claimed. Afterwards, he was taken to the prison clinic because his head was broken after the attack. Nevertheless, the prisoner transferred to the court while his feet were chained, and handcuffs tied his hand.

He returned back to the prison at 15:30, whereas, he was deprived of water and food on Monday according to the news received by BCR Group.

Ali, who had been arrested in the 80s decade, detained on 2008 and convicted to two years imprisonment and three years suspended sentence. He was again arrested on 12 June 2011 because of participating in the Ali Saremiís funeral.

Previously, he suffers from kidney and bladder, and prostate disorder as right groups have reportedly expressed concern about his critical condition.

By: Mitra Pourshajari

Translated : BCRGroup