Unknown condition of Mohammad Yousefi

Monday, March 2, 2015 3:35:18 PM

Mohammad Yousefi, 27, a graduate student in shipbuilding field of the AmirKabir University of Tehran, was arrested by Cyber police of Revolutionary Guards without any legal justification in an utterly suppressed society about two months ago.

Mohammad was detained in line of Spider project that linked to Facebook pages administratorship against the regime of Iran according to Cyber police statement.

Mohammad Yousefi has mocked-up the religious saints as Revolutionary Guards have claimed in their manifest.

He also has been charged of Facebook management that linked to well-known artists, soccer players and eminent persons to harass them according to the Human Rights activists’ reports.

Furthermore, Mohammad was arrested during the demonstration after unrest of the presidential election on 7 Dec 2009 and kept in 350 ward of Evin prison in Tehran for a while. He was detained while arriving to the University and sentenced to four years imprisonment on the charge of collusion and protest against national security in the initial court which chaired by Judge Salavati.

Eventually, He was released after having 161 days in the prison by 54 branch of the appeal court due to lack of justification documents. 

The statement also has noted to his arrest and the specific role to encourage unsatisfied citizens in 2009, which charged him related to “sedition individuals”. 

By:Kaveh Taheri