Unknown Condition of Mona Mehrabi

 Friday, March 27, 2015 3:32:51 PM

Mona Mehrabi’s status unclear since the arrest through the Intelligence Service raid in Tehran and Isfahan on Feb 2015 as her family has expressed concern of her unfavorable situation in the prison.

The other four Baha’Is citizens including Safa Forghani, Ehsan Yadegar, Mehrdad Forghani and Elham Karam-Pisheh were released on the bail of 200 million Toman who had been detained during the raid, whereas, the bail of the other detainees, Rouhieh Bagherdokht, has been postponed due to the Persian New Year holiday that estimated she will be freed after holiday.

They had been kept in solitary confinement of Evin prison that Safa Forghani’s husband, Farzad Janati, was informed through the last call in the exclusive report of Exiles Activists Website by Vandad Olad Azizmi.

Mr. Janati had criticized of the withhold information of the detainees location by prison officals, notwithstanding, the prison name was already disclosed.

They were allegedly arrested on the charge of spreading Baha’I faith, as well as their personal belongings such as cell phone, PC and some religious books, have been seized by officials of the regime of Iran.

Translated: Kaveh Taheri