A Baha’I Citizen Deprived of Educational Services in Iran

 Wednesday, September 9, 2015 12:40:19 PM

Poorya IghanianPoorya Ighanian, an Iranian young Baha’I citizen, was deprived of educational services. Iran’s authorities banned him attending the University due to academic degree shortage, Baha’I News agency said.

Mr. Ighanian, from Tehran, who had gained an excellent rating as rank 1690 was allegedly prevented of study for his religious belief.




The hardliner authorities have started systematic suppression against Baha’I citizens since 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. Many of them included outstanding students and professors fired from Iran’s universities during the Cultural Revolution known as devolution by some opponents. The regressive event occurred following the Islamic Revolution; the organizers had purged non-Islamic influences to bring it in line with the Political Islam.

The Supreme Cultural Revolution Council closed universities for three years (1980-1983) and after reopening banned many training resources and purged thousands of students and lecturers from the schools. According to reports, how many students and faculties were killed is not known because the Cultural Revolution sometimes involved violence in taking over the university campuses.

Mr. Assadollah Khorami, a student of senior psychology field of Ahwaz University, was arrested by armed plainclothes officials during an attack at the University of Ahwaz. He was sentenced to death and executed on the vague charge of “assembly and collusion against national security” through disturbing university security along with some unknown leftist activists on 1980. Dozens of students were reportedly wounded and killed during the attack by plainclothes officials in the university.

Dr. Nari Mousa, a professor and doctor, was arrested by armed plainclothes officials at the University of Ahwaz and sentenced to death by firing squad after having months under severe torture in Islamic Republic chambers.


By: Kaveh Taheri