A Kurdish Tradesman Wounded in Iran's Borders

 Wednesday, July 1, 2015 11:31:21 AM

Following the tradesman carnage in the Kurdistan Borders, a native trafficker was killed by the Special Police Unit direct shooting in Sardasht County border.


According to the news received by Human Rights Defenders Association of Kurdistan, several border traffickers were trapped and volleyed by margraves that one of tradesman Kheder Ahmadi severely wounded as a result of direct bullet shooting.

Kheder Ahmadi who is from Bookan City moved to the border zone to earn some little money to provide needful for their families to be alive as locals said.

He transferred to one of the Iraqi Kurdistan hospitals because they are frightened of fine and jailing which are the punishment of the crime under the Islamic Republic rules.

Eight flock of horses also killed in the officials' attack. 

Eyewitnesses say that Margraves attempt volleying without any alarm and aviation shot.

Another cross-border carrier Fereydoon Lotfollahi, Who lived in Zaviran of Marivan County, was killed by security forces officials' crossfire along the Iran-Iraq border on 9 March 2015.

On May 2014, an Iranian Kurdish backpack carrier killed, and another 30-years-old backpack lost one of his legs because of falling into the river and landmine explosion in the cross-border Kurdish region between Iraqi Kurdistan region and Turkey.

According to the unofficial statistics of local sources; there are more than 100,000 backpacks (97% man and 3% women) that they carry goods up across the Kurdish border between Iran and Iraq.

Many cross-border carriers (backpack trafficker) known Kolbar who carry goods across the illegal borders on their back or horseback for a business purposes to be alive with brummagem money.

They are faced serious risk as a result of climate conditions as more than 300 kilometers impassable mountain path, failing into the rivers or valleys where are located in the cross-border zones, landmine explosion and gunfire by border security forces officials and snipers.

At least 34 people have been allegedly victimized of landmines till this moment and more than 42 who were suspected of smuggling, dead and wounded by border guards shooting in the last year.

The poor traffickers are frequently faced to die, but smuggling is being continued by them, the forbidden business smuggling is the only means of livelihood we can depend on as the local cross-border carriers said to the BCR Group reporter. 

The Iranian Kurdish backpacks have allegedly allocated the higher rank of the rough business in the area, although, the number of the backpacks of both sides of the border are unclear. Also, many Kurdish students forced to smuggle across the border to earn money for their education as Kurdish activists said.

BCR Group had expressed concern over the critical situation for the natives and mentioned to the backpacks statistical that the population of backpack carriers could be divided as follows in keeping with the local reports:


  •         15-18 years of age: 10% of backpacks.
  •        18-25 Years of age: 30% of backpacks.
  •        25-40 years of age: 45% of backpacks.
  •        40 years and above: 15% of backpacks.



By: Kaveh Taheri