A Report on Violations of Religious Rights in January- February

 Friday, February 12, 2016 1:06:59 PM

At least 7 persons were detained due to their religious beliefs during January-February.

Imprisoned at times for their expression of theological beliefs that challenge those endorsed by the government, are included but not limited to Some of the members of more newly formed spiritual groups, such as Inter-universalism, founded by Mohammad-Ali Taheri and similarly some members of the official state religion Shia Islam, such as Ayatollah Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi.

On 4th February, security agents of the Special Clerical Court raided the home of Mehdi Nekounam, son of Mohammad Reza Nekounam, arrested and transferred him to an unknown location. Also on the same day, Mr Khademi, the administrator of website named "Love the People" along with his brother in law, Reza Zare, who is one of Mr. Nekounam� students were arrested. . The website "Love the people" was filtered the day before their arrest.

Hussein Dolati, who is a third disciple of Ayatollah Nekounam was arrested on February 5th. According to �Kalameh� News, Mohammad Reza Nekounam, a lecturer at the seminary, has been detained since last year without reason given, and was transferred from Tehran's Evin prison to the central prison of Qom (Langerud) in late January of this year.


On Tuesday 20 January 2016, Mr Kazemeini Borujerdi who is spending the tenth year of his 11-years� conviction in Evin Prison, was transferred to the Evin prison clinic because of an acute viral infection and severe stomach pain, but the prison officials returned him to his cell without proper medication and care.

The next day, due to severe vertigo, he fell down the stairs and his waist and legs were hurt severely, while the regime authorities have actively refused him all medicine and medical care or even transfer to a well-equipped hospital outside the prison for his ever-worsening multitude of illnesses which have become chronic. He has also been prohibited from receiving any legal representation or given a medical furlough.


Arrests for Ring Mysticism

Alireza Najimi and Mohammad Ali Izadi, two bloggers and supporters of ring mysticism (cosmic mysticism), were arrested by plain clothes agents on Saturday, 30th of January 2016.


Arresting Sunnis

Hussein Rahmani Irandgan, the son of Moin-al-Din born in 1981, was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards on 6 December 2015. According to the report of Balouch Activists Campaign, this Balouch prisoner was tortured after being arrested and despite the family's follow-up during the first 40 days of his arrest, authorities declared they were uninformed about him and his arrest. Mr. Rahmani was transferred to the prison of Khash city after about forty days, and could meet his family. The family of this prisoner are not sure of the exact reason for his arrest, but in an interview with a reporter they said: "We've heard from other people that Hussein is charged and detained for "Wahhabism", but he is not religious at all".

Translated: Kaveh Taheri