Ali Salanpour Returned to the Prison without Treatment

 Monday, May 18, 2015 12:52:45 PM

Ali Salanpour, 56, a political prisoner, was returned back to Rajai Shahr prison while his medical care uncompleted.
Mr. Salanpour reportedly suffers from his spine due to the severe torture during the interrogation in the chambers of Republic Islamic of Iran.
On the other hand, the jamming waves which glisten by jamming devices at Hall 12 in the prison that the prisoners’ health face danger according to the news received by the rights group.
Whereas, three prisoners including Foad Moghadam, Khalid Hardani and Mashallah Haeri are in critical condition as Human Rights activists said.

By: Laleh Moazenzadeh

Translated: Kaveh Taheri