An Afghan Little Girl Raped, Stabbed and Burnt by Acid in Iran!

 Saturday, April 16, 2016 12:13:34 PM

Setayesh Ghoreyshi, a six-year-old Afghan girl, was senselessly raped, brutally stabbed and burned with acid in Varamin County of Tehran Privince in Iran, Iranian news agencies said.

The rapist, 17, who is a neighbor of Setayesh's family, took her to his house, and multiple times stabbed her to death with a knife. He finally tried to destroy Setayesh's corpse with acid in the bathtub.

Police officers allegedly arrested the ruthless rapist; he confessed to his crime after police investigation, according to news.

Setayesh disappeared on April 10; afterwards, news confirmed her death on April 11. Her dead body was buried on April 12, 2016.

There is a campaign running as #I Am Setayesh asking media to break the silence about the tragic crime and for a fair trial and litigation.

Afghans migrants are forcefully stuck in limbo with serious risks to their life in Iran because of negligence under the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as a systematic prohibition on education, lack of issued identification, forbidden to enter pools and amusement parks. They don't have rights to buy property; the Afghan migrants also can't be hospitalized in some metropolitan areas and are not allowed to own cards or get a driving license. Human Rights Watch says the Islamic Republic of Iran has forcibly sent thousands of Afghan refugees to support and reinforce the Syrian regime in its civil war. In addition, Ms. Fatemeh Ashrafi, chairperson of the Association of Refugees stated that only 10% of Afghan refugees' children have the right to educational services.

By: Kaveh Taheri