An Iranian Citizen Burned due to Self-Immolation

 Wednesday, September 2, 2015 10:41:08 AM

A 59-year-old man had committed self-immolation in the courtyard of the governor's office complex of Songhor city, Kermanshah Province, on 31 Aug 2015, news agencies said. The victim who is not identified attempted to suicide though burning his body; the Deputy Head of Politics and Security Governor in Kermanshah said that the tragic event happened because of housing and tax license shortage.

"Iran's municipality officials are responsible for the calamity", according to the passer-by who had been witness to the event.

Iranian citizens threaten self-immolation or suicide if their basic rights was not considered by the unworthy government.

Previously, Younes Asakereh, an Arab street vendor and father of two children, who had committed self-immolation has died Sunday earlier morning on 22 March 2015.

Mr. Asakereh, 34, had committed self-immolation due to the confiscation of his grocery kiosk by the mayor officials in front of the municipality office in Khoramshahr city.

Younes Asakereh had been transferred to Taleghani hospital and kept in the special care, whereas, the authorities had tried to prevent any gathering in front of municipality office in Khoramshahr city.

Younes, 92% burns, had been taken by aircraft to one of the hospitals in the capital of Iran at their own cost. He finally died because of severe burns.

Human Rights activists have expressed concern about the intensification of suicide as self-immolation as a result of socio-economic shortages in the country.

By: Kaveh Taheri