An Iranian Student Commits Suicide After Being Expelled from School

Tuesday, December 22, 2015 2:12:13 PM

According to recent reports, a 15-year-old student committed suicide by hanging himself in Kohneh Jolgeh Village in North Khorasan Province, Wednesday evening on December 16, 2015.
The teen student had been allegedly asked to tell his parents to come to the school by the headmaster of the Salman Farsi School. He was kicked out from school after his parents refused the headmaster's demand.
The poor student hanged out himself by a loop of rope in the sheep pen, reports indicated.

Previously, an 11-year-old teenager, identified as H.Gh, committed suicide by hanging himself from a gas pipe in Taj al-Din District of West Azerbaijan, Iran on October 28, 2015. Another teenager, 18, had committed suicide in the district of Oshnavieh County, reports declared.
Accordingly, Fararou Newsletter unveiled a few suicides in a report-that a 16-year-old student committed suicide by hanging himself from a fence in his school dormitory in Haji Abad of South Khorasan. This tragic event happened for the fourth time in 45 days, Fararou said.
An unknown student, 10 years old, committed suicide by hanging himself with a scarf from a horizontal bar in the capital of Iran, Tehran on October 31, 2015. In addition, a 14-year-old student, named Farshad, ended his life by hanging himself in Rostam Kala City in Mazandaran Province on November 17, 2015.
In this regard, a psychologist and consultant in this field said to Farraro, "Our students are much more influenced by " invisible" learning rather than the education system, school or family; they are influenced by peers and decide what's best based on what is exchanged among them;a decision which is more dramatic and a result of lack of understanding about death, but could not get good results."

Hussein Ghaazian, a sociologist, in an interview with Voice of America said that suicide in youths has personal reasons rather than social reasons.
According to him, there is a thought that suicide in Iran has a high rate and is also increasing, but this trend is not exclusive to Iran as in the last 45 years suicide rates worldwide have increased 60 percent.
Mr. Ghaazian notes: "Fortunately, despite of the increase in other social illnesses in Iran suicide has a lower rate comparing to the global average."

Kaveh Taheri