At least 30 Baloch Citizens Were Arrested in Police Raid

 Sunday, January 4, 2015

Severe persecution and detention of Baloch citizens is being continued.

Officials of Intelligence Service reportedly attacked the Nasir Abad village in Zahedan at 4am on 4 Jan 2015.

According to reports, officials had entered unnoticed in the residentís houses while villagers were sleeping. The incident was continued for 5 hours and personal belongings of detainees also were seized. Furthermore, there are similar reports from Dezbagan and Ali Abad.

It is worth noting: Issa Shahraki, a teacher and Adham Sabouri, a member of Basij were killed by unknown entities shooting. Armed bandit probably killed them as officials and state media claimed.  

The name of some detainees:

Moslem Dehghani, Akbar Dehghani, Omid Bahramzehi, Navid Bahramzehi, Zobeyr Bahramzehi, Shahdad Bahramzehi, Adham Arbabi, Haj Iqbal, Amer Gahramzehi, Abu-Bakr Mollazehi, Sediq Bahramzehi, Farhad Balidei, Edris Balidei, bashir Balidei, Amir Bahramzehi, Vasim Bahramzehi, Davoud Bahramzehi, Majed Bahramzehi, Yousef randbaloch, Amin Randbaloch, Asef Bahramzehi, Zobeyr, Khalid Karij.

By: Kaveh Taheri