Atena Faraghdania's Lawyer Taken to the Prison

  Saturday, June 13, 2015 4:30:58 PM

 Mr. Mohammad Moghimi, who has undertaken the civil rights activist Atena Faraghdani's attorney, was detained while he had attempted to meet his client on 13 June 2015. He was then transferred to the notorious Rajai-Shahr prison in Karaj.

He was accused of the false charge which named “handshaking" with his client as Human Rights activists said BCR Group.


Atena's Tragic Tale

Atena Faraghdani, a cartoonist and children rights activist, who is kept in ward 2-Alef Sepah in Evin prison sentenced to 12 years and nine months imprisonment by Judge Salavati in the Revolutionary Court that the seven years of the verdict will be imposed her according to the article 134 of the Islamic Penal Code.

The civil rights activist, has revealed some details of Evin prison as surveillance cameras in the bathroom hallway.  After that, she was summoned to 15 branch of Revolutionary Court which chaired by Salvati. Atena was accused of acting against national security, propaganda against the regime of Iran and insulting to parliament members through drawing.

Atena had been kept in 2-Alef ward of Sepah about two months, and has been under severe torture. She started a hunger strike due the prevention of her release.  She was released on the bail by Salavati because of her physical deterioration.


Transferring to the prison of Gharchak

She was transferred to the hospital due to heat stroke and passed out after vomiting on day 16 of her hunger strike in Gharchak prison of Varamin city.

Atena has started a hunger strike in protest to her deportation to Charchak prison from Evin and non-political ward on 8 Feb 2015. Atena's condition is in imminent danger as her lawyer, Mahmoud Moghimi, has informed Campaign in Defense of Civil & Political Prisoners.

She had asked nurses that the IV tubes be removed while regained consciousness on day 18 of her hunger strike according to the report which brought up-to-date by the BCR Group. Atena is also refusing salt and sugar.

Authorities have allegedly abolished the lawyer to meet her in Firoozabadi hospital as the lawyer has informed. Moreover, she is still keen to continue her hunger strike till her demands to be met according to the news.

It is worth noting that Atena was brutally beaten by the official in front of her family in court on 10 Jan 2015.

By: Laleh Moazenzadeh

Translated: Kaveh Taheri