Baloch Citizens’ Persecution Is Being Continued in Pakistan

 Tuesday, March 10, 2015 11:15:08 AM

Five People Were Arrested During a Raids in Kalat, Pakistan, according to the news.


Earlier on 9 March 2015, the Pakistani Frontier Corps had arrested five people in the Balochistan part of Pakistan, Kalat district. They are allegedly accused of being in possession of illegal weapons.


Hereof, Baloch Human Rights organization had held protests today in the capital city of Pakistan, Karachi against the extra-judicial murdering, abduction and military operations in some areas such as Awaran, Geshkor, Mashkay, Turbat, Dasht resulting in the burning of numerous homes and villages.


The Baloch Women’s Forum and Baloch Community of British Columbia celebrated already the conquest of the Kurdish women at Kobani in Vancouver, Canada, on International Women’s Day.


On the subject, a detailed report published by Imdad Baloch that has mentioned the excruciating conditions in many Middle Eastern and Central Asian regions, rather, he expressed concern about rise of oppression against women who are victims of violence.

The Pakistani women are reportedly deprived of all the necessities of life such as adequate health care, clean water and education facilities.

The women have to travel over 700 K.M to the nearest hospital in Karachi due to lack of suitable health care facilities. “Maternal mortality rates are very high among the Baloch women” as Imdad has intercalated in the report.


By: Kaveh Taheri