Brutal Torture by Intelligence Division of Iranís National Police Force, Iran

 Monday, March 16, 2015 9:15:03 AM

The Medieval Tortures are a Bitter Memorial That Iranís Authorities have being using against the Dissident.


Iranís Intelligence Division of Iranís National Police Force has reportedly exercised brutal methods to force the offenders to confess. The felons are being severely tortured and persecuted which often lead them to be disabled.

The captives are experiencing extremely painful tortures in prisonóboth psychologically and physically during interrogations.


The report has mentioned the most brutal torture techniques against criminal prisoners that are being used by Iranís officials and are unknown.

They put the captivesí hands into a clamp to crush it. This method (thumbscrew) caused the inmates to break their fingers, wrist, elbow or forearm.

Fire seat is the most norm of the torture in Police Interrogation Intelligence offices that the offenders are placed on the steel chair which is heated by picnic gas.

Another one is water torture as putting water hose into the captivesí mouth.

Drip shower is the other way in which water drops are trickled down on inmate's head so that individual get nervous tension after few minutes.

Pulling fingernails as the most painful torture that carry out against robbers and murderers.

Cutting the fingers or wrist in public for those that brakes the Sharia law such as robberies and thefts.

Hanging from ceiling that lead the captives to break their shoulders.

Hanging from the ceiling upside down and submerging the accused in a garbage can filled with unclean water.

Lash is the common type of torture that all the captives have been undergone in the Intelligence Division of Iranís National Police Force chambers. There are many ways to lash that the inmates are forced to recline on the bed, afterward, they will be beaten with gas hose, wand, shaft and lumber.

The captives are vertically thrown into small steel cages for long-term.

High voltage shocking that could lead the captives suffer from burns and psychological disorders such as nightmare.

Inserting sharp objects like needle, awl, pin, peg, brooch and borer into the sensitive organs as (spine, knee, head, cerebellum and back).

Burning the sensitive organs as (face, hips and testis) by hot metal or smoldering by cigarette flame. Some captivesí back are reputedly burnt by iron by officials during interrogating.

Sexual torture is the cruel way that is used by officials as threats of rape, rape, sexual words or touching, rubbing and beating to sex organs. But there are several reports of rape by using cylindrical objects as baton and bottle. In many cases, the captives commit suicide because they cannot bear these brutal tortures and many of the victims reportedly become depressed after being tortured.

The captives are suddenly beaten to their back, head, stomach, testis, neck, throat, shin or mouth that lead them to break their teeth and nose.

Keeping them in unclean and dirty cells puts the captives under more pressure. The method causes them to discharge their health care.

Keeping the inmates in container that get cold in winter and warm in the summer. The method has been allegedly happened at Kahrizak Detention Center during the unrest after the presidential election in 2009.

Roast Chicken torture; captivesí legs are pulled up, their arms over their legs, and a broomstick put between their arms and legs. Their hands are then tied up and then the officers do what they want with the captives.

The captivesí legs are fixed on a sawhorse and beaten to their metatarsus by shaft, hose or wand.

Inadequate food is the other norm that leads to deterioration of their health and makes them weak and weaker.

Grave cell is the other most grievous torture that the captives are kept standing in the vertical concrete grave with a small hatch to air-refreshing.

And other types of torture such as Medical care prevention, lethal medicine injection, hangs up weight to the testis, keeping in cold weather, lashes in front of publics, beating by shocker, mock execution, long-term imprisonment in solitary confinement, beating to the sensitive organs as (head, cerebellum, neck, spine, stomach, shin, knee and back of knee), beating to metatarsus by gas hose, wand, shaft and lumber and handcuff hands and legs of all the inmates together and keep them in the detention for hours.

Force the accused to confess in severely brutal ways in some cases Innocent individuals cannot bear the tortures and are forced to confess to a crime they have not done. This leads to long term-imprisonment or execution.

I am Kaveh Taheri, Human Rights activist and former prisoner in Adel Abad prison in Shiraz, have personally witnessed and heard harassment of the inmates who were brutally tortured.

They showed me the marks remained from the tortures, and they would tell me that: ďwe will be disabled for our whole lifeĒ.

Hundreds of offenders as well as innocent people are subjected to these Medieval violence in Iran's National Police Force detention centers.


By: Kaveh Taheri