Children Trafficking for Minute Amounts of Money, Authorities Affirm

 Tuesday, March 1, 2016 12:23:38 PM

Farahnaz Arfa, the Head of Red Crescent of Iran, stated: "as we know children are being rented for approximately $5 a day, and sold for $ 660,000 dollars", as reported in the Tasnim agency.

Some of the children's body have reportedly shown signs of being burned, particular faces, allegedly due to mothers' addiction.

Previously, Siavas Shahrivar, the general manger of Social and Cultural Affairs of Tehran Governor confirmed that small numbers of addicted women, mostly sex workers, get pregnant. He added that children trafficking is organized by the mafia (the groups involve with gambling, loan sharking, drug trafficking, and fraud) in the capital of Iran.

On the other hand, Hussein Sajedi, the head of police in Tehran, stated " I demand Ms. Daneshvar, a member of the parliament in Tehran, to let us know if there are some information",  as reported by several government news agencies.

Ms. Daneshvar had formerly affirmed that pan handlers and women sex workers sell their children, most of them testing positive for HIV, for about 33 to 66 USD after giving birth in hospitals of southern and central Districts of Tehran.

According to police statistics, there are more than 1500 addicted women that their addiction is obvious live in Tehran.

A past published report of DarvazehGhar reveals to us tragically prominent issue. The average age of girls running away from home has fallen to 9, the average of homeless women has fallen to 17, and the average number of street children with HIV and hepatitis has increase 4.5 times. Additionally, there has been an increase in statistics of addicted newborns.

Unofficial statistics estimate the number of children laborers at 7 million.  Another report indicates approximately 3 million 200 thousand child laborers in Iran that Iran parliament research center report has cited 3 years ago.


By: Kaveh Taheri