Civil Rights Imprisoned Start Hunger Strike in Gharchak Prison

 Tuesday, November 24, 2015 12:42:07 PM

Simin EyvazzadehSimin Eyvazzadeh started a hunger strike along with two other civil rights prisoners, Leyla Poorghafari and Shervin Yamani, on November 21, 2015. They began a hunger strike to protest against their illegal arrest and transferring to the infamous Gharchak prison.

Officials allegedly took them to public Ward 1, known as �The Consultation�, on November 23, 2015.

These three civil rights activists were arrested along with several other activists and protesters during a raid by Iran�s security forces in front of Evin prison on November 21, 2015. They were accused of vague charges of �disturbing the public orders through supporting Mohammad Ali Taheri, the imprisoned spiritual teacher, who is sentenced to death�, BCR Group has learned.

Accordingly, the other activists,Mohsen Shoja, Esmaeil Ahmadi Ragheb, and Davood Nemati said to officials that �they will start a hunger strike on November 25 if officials do not release them�. They were arrested along with seven activists by Iranian security forces in Vanak Square on November 23, 2015; officials have reportedly taken them to Evin.

Iran's security forces arrested several citizens included Simin Eyvazzadeh (mother of civil rights activist Omid Alishenas), Hashem Zeinali (Saeed Zeinali's father), Mohsen Shoja, Reza Malek and Mohammad-Ali Taheri fans on November 21.

Hashem Zeinali were brutally beaten in the attack, according to his relatives.

News indicates that Omid Alishenas, who was arrested by IRGC officials in the front of his father's house on 4 Sep 2014 and taken to Ward 2-A Sepah, attempted a sit-in protest at the Ward 8 entrance of Evin and asked jailers to release his mother and the other detainees; other political and civil rights prisoners joined in his protest against the arbitrary arrests. Officials then responded by banning all communication services inside the prison.

Omid has allegedly started a hunger strike to protest against the arrest, his relatives said.


By: Kaveh Taheri