Critical Condition of Arash Sadeghi

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

 There is continuous pressure on Arash in solitary confinement. As 101 days of his detention have passed, he is still kept in solitary confinement under on-going extreme psychological and physical pressure at the hands of Revolutionary agents of Intelligence service.

Arash Sadeghi has been arrested in his shop on 6 Sep 2014, and he is being held in ward 2-Alef of Evin prison.

This Human Rights activist is accused of acting against national security, of propaganda against the regime and of Facebook activities.

During a previous arrest, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence raided Arash�s house at 4 am on 30 Oct 2010 in order to arrest him. Arash�s mother suffered a fatal heart attack as a result of the shock of the raid.

Arash has had extremely difficult experiences in prison�both psychologically and physically. He currently suffers from a broken rib and shoulder as a result of torture inflicted in the Ministry of Intelligence detention centers. He needs effective and urgent medical care, including surgery on his injured shoulder.

Contrary to the imperative medical care, Arash's detention has been extended, and he has been exposed for more than three months to solitary confinement in the Intelligence Agency�s prison.

by:Kaveh Taheri