Critical Condition of the Civil Rights Activist Asoo Rostami

 Tuesday, September 8, 2015 3:14:26 PM

Civil Rights Activist Asoo RostamiAccording to a relative, Mr. Asoo Rostami is in critical condition due to lack of medical attention by prison authorities.

Mr. Rostami, an Iranian children rights activist and an English teacher at an Institute, was arrested for attending the demonstration in support of Kobane in the front of UN office in Tehran on Oct 9, 2014. He was arrested by IRGC officials at Mirdamad Avenue in Tehran and taken to solitary confinement at the infamous the Evin prison---Ward 2-A under the control of the Sepah forces.
Mr. Rostami, 28, had spent about 97 days in isolation where his health started to decline because of the dire conditions in prison-- the reliable sources stated. The prisoner suffers from a pre-existing lung condition. He had apparently vomited blood; according to his cellmates.
Mr. Rostami was reportedly permitted to be treated in Imam Khomeini Hospital after repeated hospitalizing by medical trainee in the prison clinic, but he was returned back to Evin prison with no effective medical care according to reports.
The prisoner had a sudden stroke on Monday August 24, 2015. Despite the serious condition recognized by prison doctors, Mr. Rostami was not transferred to hospital.
He was sentenced to seven years in prison on vague charges �assembly and collusion against national security�, �propaganda against the regime of Iran� and �insulting to the Supreme Leader� through his peaceful activities. Branch 28 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court chaired by Judge Mohammad Mogheyseh handed down this very heavy sentence. The case was referred to Branch 36 of the Appeal Court for re-examination chaired by Judge Seyed Ahmad Zargar.
Officials have seized his personal belongings during an attack at his father�s house after the arrest.
IRGC�s officials had reportedly summoned his mother for some interrogation that caused her to have a heart attack while Mr. Rostami had kept in isolation.