Dervishes’ Accusation Was Confirmed by Supreme Court of Iran

Friday, January 30, 2015

Seven Dervishes were accused and sentenced to life exile on the charge of the war against God (Moharebeh) and spreading corruption on the earth (Mofsed-e-Filarz) by Revolutionary Court of Shiraz city. Although, the verdict was identically upheld by Supreme Court of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

These seven Dervishes, who live in Kavar city, including Kazem Dehghan, Mohammad-Ali Shamshirzan and Hamid-Reza Aramesh were exactly sentenced to life-long exile and four others (Mohammad-Ali Dehghan, Mohammad-Ali Sadeghi, Ebrahim Bahrami and Mohsen Esmaeili) sentenced to seven years exile.  

It is worth noting that Kazem Dehghan, Hamid-reza Aramesh and Mohammad-Ali Shamshirzan were also accused of membership in illegal groups and collusion due to disrupt of national security by court.

Ali Younesi, head of the religion and ethnic minorities of Rouhani, had reportedly expressed dissatisfaction of pressure against Dervishes. It is not interested in Iran’ goodwill, and that is out of our desire as he declared.

Dervishes are among the other Iranian minorities who are oppressed and under pressure because of their faith. Freedom of religion is highly restricted in Iran, and no dissent is tolerated.

Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufi News Agancy

Translated: Kaveh Taheri