Exclusive interview with Ali Rezaeiís wife

 Monday, March 2, 2015 5:14:34 PM

Mr. Ali Rezaei, a computer engineering, is one of the Iranian civil activists who was arrested in Mehrabad airport on 4 Feb 2015, while he was going to Bandar Abbas city. He was arrested due to the celebration of the International Mother Language Day as Human Rights activists have declared.

- I would like to ask you some question about your husband, Ali Rezaei. When has been he arrested?

   -He has been arrested on 4 Feb 2015 and taken to solitary confinement in Evin Prison.

-Has been he had a phone call from the prison?

 -Yes, He had a short phone call at noon on first of Feb, 2015. He had informed that kept in Evin and his health in not bad. Authorities want him to ask me to no interview with Medias.

-What charge is he accused of?

 -He was accused of collusion and protest against national public order.

-Have you faced any problem due to follow your husband situation up?

  -Yes, I was threatened when I have pursued his case. Authorities have scared me through insulting and inhuman attitude.

 They have seized all of our degrees documents, identifications and wedding photos.

 They have frequently called and told me that you have not call Medias, and if you do it your husband will face horrible condition.

 He has kept in solitary confinement since his detention and there is no face to face meeting with me, He just had a short phone call with me about two minutes yesterday.

-Has his lawyer been read the details of his case?

 We have allowed to lawyer rights after a week, but, His lawyer has not to practice on the case.

And as of yet, his warrant of arrest was not noticed us. I should mention that many citizens were arrested with along Ali in the International Day of the Native Language.

By: Laleh Moazenzadeh

Translated: Kaveh Taheri