Soheil Arabi at Imminent Risk of Execution

November 25, 2014

 Interview BCR News with Ms. Nasrin Naeimi (Sohiel's wife)

Soheil Arabi Interview with Soheil's lawyer (Mr. Vahid Meshkani Farahani)

Are you Soheil Arabi�s lawyer?

Yes. Mr. Davodi, Mr. Yazdani and I are his lawyers.

Do you upheld the news of Soheil�s verdict?

Yes. I had delivered His charge two days ago, and unfortunately execution sentence confirmed by Supreme Court.

How did you object of Soheil�s sentence?

We objected to the sentence in two ways; 1. Supreme Court cannot be added accusation in case according to law. Unfortunately; spreading corruption on earth (Mofsed-E-Filarz) was added to his case. (Besides the alleged �insults the Prophet�, alleging spreading corruption on earth)

2.  He is wanted of insulting the prophet of Islam. According to our law if somebody is prosecuted for the alleged and if he/she claims that has not deliberation act; the court can forgive him regardless to the plea.

It is mentioned stipulates in article 263 Islamic Penal Code that was repeatedly noticed in initial court (Branch 76 of the Criminal Court) and Branch 46 of the Supreme Court).

My client Insisted in this issue, but unfortunately; lawsuit issued against these criteria is not considered.

We hope that the Supreme Court as the highest judicial authority in the course of justice check on this prominent issue immediately.

Because his case has been referred to Law enforcement in Iran and there is no time. We hope that restoration justice will be confirmed to prevent execution.

Have Lawyers ever seen him in prison?

No. we have not. One of lawyers just met him in initial court.

By: Laleh Moazenzadeh

Translated: Kaveh Taheri