Female Arab Political Prisoner Was Beaten Unconscious by Guards in Yasouj Infamous Prison

 Saturday, June 4, 2016 7:43:09 PM

According to human rights activists, on June 2, Thursday, Fahimeh  Esmaeili , Ahwazi Arab women political prisoner (elementary school teacher)  who arrested in2006 and exiled to Yasouj central prison tortured in Yasouj prison. After an argument and verbal conflict with one of the agents named Ameneh "Folodi" in Yasuj Central Prison was severely beaten unconscious by this female agent. This severely beating was to the degree that caused this political prisoner to lose her consciousness and later transferred to the prison clinic.
However, because of her health deterioration, she was transferred to a hospital outside the jail. The beating happened when the agent began bickering and squabbling with Fahimeh Esmaeili without any reason. And this caused a verbal argument between them as the agent insulted and beaten Fahimeh Esmaeili that resulted in her loss of consciousness.  After Fahimeh Esmaeili admission in a Yasuj hospital, she was discharged from hospital on Friday despite her unstable condition and transferred back to the Prison. While she is going through deep pain and dizziness with swollen and bruised face and injured body.  By reviewing Fahimeh Esmaeili, the Ahwazi political prisoner, we can see the discrimination in the exercise of jurisdiction. Fahimeh Esmaeili served 11 years of her 15 years of her imprisonment in exile outside Ahwaz. But in the recent prison law that stipulates prisoners only can be exiled and banished for two years while Fahimeh Esmaeili has been in exile for 11 years and never allowed her to be transferred to Ahwazi prisons. This Prison law has not been applied to the Ahwazi Arab prisoners. Also, while she has served more than half of her incarceration she has not been released from prison while it occurred in many cases that prisoners after completion half of their prison were freed. Fahimeh Esmaeili, formerly an elementary school teacher, was arrested while she was eight months pregnant, along with her husband, Ali Matour-Zadeh,   on February 28/11/2006, where they were charged with acting against national security. Her husband never had the chance to see or hear the voice of his baby daughter, being executed in prison by the regime soon after; he was denied even the chance to say goodbye to his wife by phone before he was hanged. Fahimeh Esmaeili's daughter, Salma, who is now 10, lives with her maternal grandparents in Ahwaz.

By: The Ahwazi Rights Activist, Karim Dahimi