Imprisoned Physicist Omid Kokabee Contracted Kidney Cancer

 Saturday, April 16, 2016 3:46:58 PM

Saeed Khalili, a lawyer in an interview with IRNA said: Unfortunately, numerous examinations in the hospital found a malignant tumor in Omid Kokanee's kidney. Omid Kokabee has contracted renal cell carcinoma with a malignant tumor in his right kidney, the lawyer affirmed.

According to Mr. Khalili, the detained physicist needs an immediate surgical nephrectomy (his kidney must be totally removed) and any delay could cause irreparable damage.

Kokanee's attorney said that "my client has been frequently having kidney stone problems and internal bleeding."

He added: "Although the Supreme Court in its verdict on October 11, 2014 determined that the alleged charges didn't have adequate documentation, but, the verdict was held by the parallel branch (Branch 54) without consideration to the provisions of the Court."

Mr. Khalili restated: "Omid Kokabee is eligible to be released according to Article 502 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Iran." The article states that "If sentenced person suffers physical or mental decease and the penalty could exacerbate decease or delay in recovery, judge shall delay the sentence till recovery with forensic confirmation.

Omid Kokabee, born in 1982, Iranian experimental laser physicist at the University of Texas at Austin, was arrested by Intelligence Service while trying to leave Iran on 19 Feb 2011. He was sentenced to ten years in prison on the charge of "plotting against national security", "partnership with hostile governments such as US", "granting university scholarship and awards" and "illegitimate/illegal earnings".

He is not in good health and is suffering from stomach disorder and kidney stone.

Omid had been awarded the "Andrei Sakharov Prize (APS) in 2014, by the "American Physical Society", honored for enduring prison rather than contribute to weapons research in Iran (AAAS Award).

By: Kaveh Taheri