Iran: 18 Civil Rights Activists Sentenced to Prison and Lashes

 Friday, February 19, 2016 12:42:01 PM

18 civil rights activists, who were arrested on November 21, 2015, were sentenced to 91 days in prison and 74 lashes at Branch 1060 of the Criminal Court in Tehran, BCR Group has learned.

According to the reliable sources, the court has allegedly suspended lashes verdict of 16 of civil protesters including Simin Eyvazzadeh, Reza Mokian (Malek), Hashem Zeynali, Mohsen Haseli, Khadijeh (Leyla) Mirghafari, Abdul-Azim Orooji, Ehsan Kheybar, Parvin Soleymani, Mohsen Shoja, Azam Najafi, Arshia Rahmati, Sharmin Yamani, Sara Saei, Ali Babai, Esmaeil Husseini, Zahra Modares Zadeh; the two others of them will be lashed due to absenteeism in the trial.

It is worth noting, Iran's security forces had arrested several citizens included Simin Eyvazzadeh (mother of civil rights activist Omid Alishenas), Hashem Zeinali (Saeed Zeinali's father), Mohsen Shoja, Reza Malek and Mohammad-Ali Taheri fans on November 21, 2015; the arrest took place in front of the notorious Evin prison. According to news accounts, the male detainees were reportedly transferred to Evin; the women were taken to Gharchak prison.

Hashem Zeinali were brutally beaten in the attack, according to his relatives. Hashem's son, Saeed Zeynali, was arrested by security forces about 17 years ago for the vague charges and he does not know anything about Saeed, human rights groups reported. Authorities have ignored and brutally beaten him when he asked about his beloved situation.

Simin Eyvazzadeh the hardy, tolerant and kind mother of Omid Alishenas, children rights activist was arrested and took to the infamous women prison of Gharchak because of asking to release her son. Authorities had eventually released her on bail.

In addition, Omid Alishenas, who was arrested by IRGC officials in the front of his father's house on 4 Sep 2014 and taken to Ward 2-A Sepah, had attempted a sit-in protest at the Ward 8 entrance of Evin and asked jailers to release his mother and the other detainees; moreover, other political and civil rights prisoners had joined in his protest against the arbitrary arrests. Officials then responded by banning all communication services inside the prison.

Omid, who is currently released on bail, had reportedly started a hunger strike to protest against the arrest, his relatives had affirmed. He was finally released on the bail of 232,000 $ (700 million Tomans) after enduring 17 months in the prison.


By: Kaveh Taheri