Iran: 500 Citizens Arrested on the Charge of Eating Breakfast during Ramadan

 Wednesday, July 1, 2015 12:57:24 PM

An Iranian Judiciary official in Shiraz city announced that 500 citizens were detained during Ramadan on the charge of breakfasting, and at least 2500 individuals have been verbally notified till this moment.

The governmental agency ISNA released the Deputy Prosecutor of Shiraz, Fars Province remarks that Basij forces and police officials imposed the Islamic rules known "confronting against norms breaking and breakfasting" in Shiraz.

The judicial officer added 20 individuals of the detainees are freed, and the "prohibition of prosecution brief" issued for them, but the rest of the defendants have been convicted to a verdict within 24 hours.

But two citizens were previously whipped with the same charge as "breakfasting" in the last Ramadan in Shiraz.

Earlier, 92 young Iranian, 41 girls and 51 boys, were arrested with charged of breakfasting in Tabriz city in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran on 22 June 2015. They have been reportedly detained while the youth ordered the meal in a coffee shop (fast food shop) as the Deputy Social of the province police declared.

He added that they had been surrendered along with coffee shop keeper to the Judiciary officials.

The supervisor of the five star Shahryar Hotel where the coffee shop located in, announced that the police officers had behaved impolitely and unconventional, as the local website Vaght News said.

The Deputy Commander of Hamedan County Police had also said at least 72 citizens have been arrested and taken to the court since the beginning of Ramadan.

The persecutor of Ghazvin County had formerly declared 400 citizens detained, and the flogging sentence was carried out in public against at least 200 individuals in the last Ramadan.

However, the Islamic Penal Code of Iran had not contained obvious articles and notes in, but Human Rights activists have an opinion that the judges cite in this section of the Code which mentioned anyone attempt to act a forbidden behavior would be face Islamic punishment such as jailing ten days to two months or 74 lashes in public.

By: Kaveh Taheri