Iran: A Baha'I Citizen Was Arrested in Sanandaj City

Wednesday, September 9, 2015 9:21:32 PM 

Zabihollah Raoofi was arrested by Intelligence Service officials in the city of Sanandaj on Sep 8, 2015 and taken to the Intelligence and Security Headquarters office, BCR has learned.

Officials included four plainclothes who arrested Mr. Raoofi, 66, during an attack at his house at 8:00 A.M, and confiscated his personal belongings such as books, CDs, some pamphlets or pictures related to Baha'I faith.

He was allegedly detained on vague charges as "acting against national security" or "propaganda against the regime of Iran", reliable sources stated.

Previously, Mr. Raoofi was arrested on the above latter charge of in 2009 and sentenced to a year in prison by Iran's court, according to Baha'I News Agency. He had served his prison term for six months in Tuyserkan County of Hamadan Province, while the Appeal Court reduced his sentence to six months.


By: Kaveh Taheri