Iran: A Demonstration Begun for Drinking Water Crisis

 Wednesday, June 10, 2015 9:52:19 AM

If my son got sick who would be responsible?


Tehran, 8 June 2015: the citizens had started a protest against regional drinking water shortage in the capital of Tangestan County where located 50 kilometers southeast of the port Bushehr.

The protesters had set up a traffic stop in the front of the Government office in the area and expressed their basic demands which have been denied by authorities.

The tropical residents have frustrated of the water shortage. One of the demonstrators had declared to the local news agency Tangestan-Nama that we have faced with major troubles because of the imprudence of officials, and we are asked them to solve the problem as well.

The other citizen said that we are suffering because of water drinking shortage at the beginning of the hot season. He added that the people had looked for drinking water, but they didn’t get any response from authorities. “It is not pleasant that a woman leaps the water tanker while her baby is in the arm.”

The citizens have forcibly used the bottles of mineral water which is very expensive for the labor class.

By: Kaveh Taheri