Iran: A Labor Activist Prisoner Died of Medical Carelessness in Salmas Prison

 Tuesday, June 30, 2015 11:53:57 AM

Anwar Lajevard, a political prisoner in Salmas prison, passed away as a result of cardiac arrest and the prison officials had put him off in transferring to the hospital.

Anwar, 45, who were lived in Broshkhoran village of Salmas city, dropped off because of heart failure in Tabriz Hospital on Thursday, 18 June 2015.

His son Behnam Lajevard said that "my father had been arrested about nine months ago to serve the prison term, and he was transferred to the prison of Salmas. By the way, suddenly his health condition decayed, and he passed away on Tuesday. But, the prison officials deemed that it is not perilous and he will be fine. Finally, the officials accepted to take him to the hospital after 2-3 hours, when he was still in comatose. He took to Khoy Hospital when he was still alive, but was finally transferred to Tabriz Hospital on request of specialists. My father died after having two days in the hospital."

Behnam added his father was a labor and unpolitical. My father had been released on the bail after having two months interrogation in the solitary confinement in his first detention. The preliminary court had carried out its charge against my father, four-year in prison which was reduced at the Appeal Court to one year.

The deceased prisoner had been reportedly accused of cooperation with the Kurdish opposition parties as his son declared.


By: Kaveh Taheri