Iran: A Political Prisoner Taken to the Public Ward

 Saturday, July 11, 2015 4:04:53 PM

Ali Shariati, a Green Movement activist, was transferred to "Hall seven" at public ward eight on 11 July 2015, after haaaving months interrogation in the solitary confinement at Ward 209 of the Evin prison.

Ali has been reportedly held in the prison since his detention by Intelligence Service officials on 18 Feb 2015.

He was previously beaten by prison guards when Ali refused them shaving his head as rights groups said.

The political prisoner is suffering from kidney disorder and sciatica vessel disease, and Ali's relatives concern about his critical condition according to the news received by BCR Group.

Ali was previously arrested on 14 Feb2011and convicted to two years in prison by the primitive court that it reduced to one year at the Appeal Court. He also detained for a week in the last year.

 Translated: Kaveh Taheri