Iran: A Prisoner Hanged in Adel Abad Prison

 Tuesday, August 18, 2015 3:22:59 PM

A prisoner was hanged by gallows in the yard of Adel Abad prison on 16 Aug 2015.

Omar Parastandeh Khiyal, from Iranshahr city, Sistan and Baluchistan County, was executed on the charge of drug-related crimes in the prison yard on Saturday morning as Baluch Activist Campaign said.


Adel Abad Prison


Adel Abad prison which is located in the fourth section of the municipality of Shiraz is one of the largest prisons in the south of Iran. This prison is a high-security prison as it was built so that escape would be impossible, unless one escapes while being transferred to the court.

The prison has several wards holding the prisoners including criminals, drug addict offenders, murderers and political prisoners are kept among non-political prisoners as gangs and criminals, because the prison has not a specific ward for political prisoners.

We were mixed in with dangerous and violent criminals who puts our lives in danger, the former political prisoner Kaveh Taheri said in his prison term memoirs.

He said that Ward 11 where he had been kept for eight months, was unbearable live there as a prisoner.

"The notorious ward named Neshat (meaning happiness). It was not cheerful as its name claims and the majority of prisoners were kept there. There were 30 rooms on two floors. Each room was of 20 meters, including 700 to 1400 inmates depending on the time of year. In most months about 25 to 30 prisoners were in one room. That means each prisoner had only 1 meter of the room. There were 30 toilets for both floors and 2o showers of which 5 were usually broken. The prisoners were allowed to go outside only for 20 or 30 minutes, 2 or 3 times per week" He declared.

The food situation is absolutely dreadful. No hygiene, health standards are followed for food preparation. Often we find a mouse or a cockroach at the bottom of the large pot we share, Mr. Taheri said. The food's quality and quantity are both very inappropriate.

He added, there is a place in the "Neshat" Ward which is called the "gas kitchen" which the prisoners use daily for cooking and making tea. This kitchen is very dirty and contaminated with bacteria. It often causes sickness.

"The prison is very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. This makes the prison situation even more unbearable. This section never has appropriate temperature and no heater or air-condition available there".

There are three issues that will shock you in "Neshat" Ward: Drug dealing, Sodomy and Gambling. The guards witness these and they also have a hand in. Drugs are easily brought into the prison. I have been witness to the guards bringing in drugs into prison, the Human Rights activist Mr. Taheri told BCR Group. He also said that drugs easily exchange hands there, Prisoners openly use drugs in their room, and Ward 10 has almost the same conditions, and it is allocated mostly for murderers.


By: Laleh Moazenzadeh