Iran: A Woman Prisoner Hanged in Gharchak Prison

 Friday, August 14, 2015 7:36:26 PM

Fatemeh Hadadi, 39, was hanged by gallows in Rajai Shahr (Gohardasht) prison of Karaj on 10 Aug 2015.

Miss. Hadadi, who had a daughter, taken to isolation in the prison for possible execution Sunday evening on the pretext of hospitalizing in a clinic as rights groups said.

She was held at Hall six in Gharchak prison in Varamin County about eight years since the arrest.

The executed corpse delivered to "Bibi Sakineh" Mortuary to hand over her relatives.

On the other hand, nine men inmates were apparently executed in the same prison at the same time, according to unfounded reports.

Another woman prisoner Akram Mahdavi who is being in the prison for 12 years reportedly on imminent death row as rights groups declared.


By: Kaveh Taheri