Iran: at Least 241 People Arrested At Family Parties

 Saturday, June 4, 2016 7:52:55 PM

Iran is a country where joy and happiness are crimes.

Thirty students are arrested and given 99 lashes each for attending a graduation

party that included men and women in Iran

 Iran's officials reported that at least 241 people were arrested between May 14-31, 2016; the Chief of Intelligence and Security of Justice in Mazandaran Province declared that at least 15 individuals were arrested at a night party on May 12, 2016. He added that two of the detainees were attorneys from the Provinces of Qom and Golestan. Officials reportedly seized their belongings- Musical Instruments and alcoholic drinks- in a raid at a private villa in Sarkhorood County.

Commander of the Basij Forces in Neyshabour City said that at least 70 persons- boys and girls- were detained within 72 hours at parties in the city. Officials seized a few dozen liquor bottles.

The Prosecuting Attorney of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Kerman Province announced that 23 people were arrested at a night party.

At least 29 girls and boys were arrested at a night party by Kazem Abad Police Station's officials in a raid at a private villa garden in the city of Mashhad. The detainees have been allegedly transferred to the court District Six in the city.

Police officials of Bandar Abbas City said that at least 62 women and men were arrested during an attack at a night party. HRANA reported that 23 men and 39 women, who were dancing in the party, had been arrested for unrealistic reasons.

In addition, NAJA's officials arrested at least 42 men and women during attacks at two private villas where the detainees had celebrated for just joy and happiness.

Human Rights defenders continuously condemn "entering citizens' privacy" by the Islamic regime of Iran. Most of the arrests are carried out by the Morality Police of Iran (Islamic religious police). The Guidance Patrols (Gasht-E-Ershad) have had various forms of 'morality police" since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, but it is currently the primary agency tasked to enforcing Mullahs' Islamic Code of conduct in the country and their focus is mostly on ensuring observance of Hijab (Islamic Dress).

By: Kaveh Taheri