Iran: Cyber Attack against Sunni's Online Website

 Sunday, August 2, 2015 7:34:16 PM

Iranian Cyber Army attempts attacking on dissident websites publish the news that unfold violations by the Islamic Republic regime of Iran.


Sunni Online related to Sunni community revealed it suffered vast cyber-attack on its online services that left audiences struggling to visit for nearly three days according to the news received by BCR Group.

We had been attacked by cyber-attacks when the Poonak mosque destruction"s news released on the website, according to the webmasters quoted by Baluch Rights Activists.

The technical team called their fans following up the news on social networks Facebook and Twitter.

The Sunni mosque known as "Poonak Mosque" demolished by municipality forces by Iranian Police Law Enforcement and Security forces supporting on 29 July 2015, done without prior notice.

Iran's MP and Sunni Clerics strictly objected the wanton operation throughout of the country, and two MP Hamid-Reza Pashang and Hedayatollah Mir Moradzehi arrived at the incident scene just an hour after the demolition.

Molavi Abdul-Hamid, a Sunni Cleric and Friday Praying Leader, sent an open letters to the Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and seventh president of the Islamic Republic Hassan Rouhani and seriously asked them punishing the wrongdoers. "Rouhani couldn't even prevent the subversion" the Sunni cleric said.

Despite numerous requests, Islamic Republic's officials have consistently refused to recognize Sunni traditions and have even obstructed their religious practices. Mr. Ismaeili, the former Friday Prayer Leader, said Persian Deutsche-Welle that Sunnis prevented holding Eid al-Fitr celebrations to honor the end of Ramadan holiday in the Sunni mosques of the capital city in Iran on 2012.

By: Kaveh Taheri